Gambaro & Tagliapietra,
progetto e collaborazione tecnica Arch. M. Silverio

One of the most important challenges of our century is the fight against pollution. For decades, man has polluted our planet producing huge amounts of waste that have often been spilled into the sea, contaminating entire marine ecosystems such as the Venetian one. The theme of the pollution of the seas has led to the development of Aquarium, a decontextualized jersey: no more as a complement of urban furniture for public safety, but a submarine wall that aim to separate the “healthy” sea from the polluted one. In order realize this work, maestro Matteo Tagliapietra has reinterpreted in a contemporary way the most ancient techniques of glass processing, combining them to highly innovative solutions such as the supporting structure of laser-cut steel jersey. Moreover, the integrated system of LED lights makes the classic colors of Murano glass vibrate (cobalt blue, emerald green, dark topaz and aquamarine), giving greater tridimensionality to the shapes and, at the same time, dramatizing the theme, inviting the public to reflect on it.

Gambaro & Tagliapietra
Murano Glass Studio

Murano Venezia – Calle del Cimitero, 15

Gambaro&Tagliapietra S.r.l. Murano Glass Studio born as an evolution of a historical Murano furnace: the Gambaro&Poggi Artistic Glassworks. Gambaro&Tagliapietra stands out for the production of artistic glass objects: small and large masterpieces of high craftsmanship ranging from classical (cups, vases, plates, candlesticks, table lamps, glasses, sculptures) to veritable limited edition collectors’ artifacts. In enhancing the typical techniques of Murano glass, he has experimented and renewed other techniques to make his objects and his creations always current and in step with the times. As result we can find modern and extremely simple productions, combined with traditional techniques such as the use of murrine and gold leaf, contrasting with classic forms in very intense pastel colors with the excavation technique or the contemporary use of silver and gold leaf on a black glass base. Each piece is skillfully hand made, checked, authenticated with the signature of maestro Matteo Tagliapietra engraved on the glass and accompanied by stamps and warranty papers that certify the quality and the origin of the artifact.