Il Muro
La pace demolisce i muri

Il Muro – La pace demolisce i muri

Ongaro e Fuga snc,
design Giuliano Fuga

The work is inspired by the Berlin Wall, built in 1961 with prefabricated cement panels to divide West Berlin from East Berlin. The wall was demolished in 1989. The work aims to express the capacity of peace, inherent in everything, that can overwhelm even the cold wall creating a crack that lets life pass. Peace demolishes the walls.

Ongaro e Fuga snc

Murano Venezia – Calle del Cristo, 8

Founded in 1952 by Franco Fuga and his wife Tullia Ongaro, the company Ongaro e Fuga is still today the spokesman of a centenary art and of a tradition with evocative historical implications. The coats of arms of the two families, an ungaro king and a golden arrow, show the ancient Murano art of mirrors that today Giuliano Fuga, heir and current manager of the company, with handed down determination and knowledge, keeps alive in the prestigious workmanship of the past, creating at the same time a bridge with today’s production. Respecting the ancient techniques and the same materials used for centuries, Ongaro and Fuga lends itself, in addition to the production and manual restoration of mirrors in Venetian style (mirrors of La Fenice in the 60s) and site specific interior designs (dining rooms, bedrooms), to the development of projects of artists, designers and architects. Ongaro e Fuga is one of the few handcraft realities that remained in Murano, experts in the field of artistic mirror.