Vetrate Artistiche Murano,
design di Matteo Silverio

What is a jersey? A barrier not to be crossed, a border. And what a barrier can separate? Two directions of travel, for example, or two different zones; it can separate one population from another, but also one family. How many times have we have witnessed the erection of barriers of doubtful usefulness? Let’s think of those that separate Israel from Gaza and West Bank, to the Berlin Wall, to the “big, beautiful wall” that Trump has promised between Mexico and the USA. “Cracked” wants to reflect on the concept of division. The project is realized with the Tiffany technique: a copper ligation that combines mirror parts with others in screen-printed transparent glass representing images of the Arab spring, the symbol of the Middle-East socio-cultural rebellion. The jersey has a fracture inside, a through hole able to connect the “here” and “there” of the barrier. The glass parts in concomitance with the fracture are mirrored: by observing what is beyond the hole, you can aso mirror yourself. Thanks to this expedient, the viewer goes to a reflection: “are you really sure that those who are beyond the barrier are so different from you?”.

Vetrate Artistiche Murano

Murano Venezia – Ramo San Bernardo, 4

In 1984 Luciano Bullo, after years of experience gained in contact with expert Venetian restorers, founded in Murano ‘Vetrate a Piombo Artistiche’, a company specialized in the production and restoration of traditional Venetian glass windows. Thanks to the many and important experiences in this field, over the years the company has become one of the most important in the sector. Stefano Bullo, son of Luciano and Michela, has been taken part to the family business since he was a child, helping to crate glass windows on system design. After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and after starting his career as Visual Artist, Stefano decides to continue the artisanal family tradition in parallel with his artistic carreer. In October 2014 he took over the business and changed the name of the company into ‘Vetrate Artistiche Murano di Bullo Stefano’. The research, the constant use of artistic glass worked in Murano together with the pictorial decoration in glazes and grisailles, the restoration and production of traditional glass windows, characterize now the laboratory’s productions.